Shri D.D. Kapoor: Oldest teacher amongst Georgians

Recent Photograph of Shri D.D.Kapoor

Photo Feature By Amarjeet Malik From General

Dear Friends,

It was a sheer privilege and honour to meet one of our oldest teacher Shri D.D.Kapoor who is perhaps one of oldest teachers amongst us. Shri Kapoor was born on 31.07.1916. He joined King George School at Jullunder in 1942. Later on served at Nowgong and Chail upto 1964. Thereafter he was transferred to Ajmer and retired from there in 1974. He represented the Maths faculty and held all presitigious posts of the faculty. He was also House Master of Wavell Company at Jullunder, Shivaji at Nowgong, Taxila and Ujjain at Chail and Prithviraj at Ajmer. Shri Kapoor taught to cadets who have excelled in various fields both in Indian Defence forces and Civil Service Cadres. Currently, Shri Kapoor is in Gurgaon (Haryana) and shall probably shift back to Dehradun by the end of March. Any of the Georgians willing to call on Shri Kapoor can do so on his mobile number- 9259291173. I accompanied Shri Ajit Singh Dev and Devender Singh to meet and pay our respect to Shri Kapoor on 02.03.2008 (Sunday) and had the opportunity to share his experiences with the georgian fraternity. He spoke at length about his days at the school. All those georgians who had the privilege to be taught by him are requested to get in touch with him. His permanent address is -Shri D.D.Kapoor, c/o Capt. R.L.Kapoor, 101, Rajpur Road, Dehradun. Georgians can also view the photos in this regard in pictures section.

Warm Regards!

Lal Singh(1250) / Ajit Singh Dev

Ajit singh dev paying respect and giving
flowers to Shri DD Kapoor
Shri DD Kapoor and AJit SIngh Shri DD Kapoor
Lal Singh, Shri DD Kapoor and Devinder
Lal Singh, Shri DD Kapoor, Ajit Singh and Mr.SK Batra Son in law Lal Singh, Shri DD Kapoor, Ajit Singh, Devinder and Fourth Genration of Shri DD Kapoor little Shnoyi
Lal Singh giving fruits as token of love from Georgians to Shri DD Kapoor Lal Singh, Shri DD Kapoor, Ajit Singh and Devinder Devinder, Shri DD Kapoor, Ajit Singh and Mr.SK Batra Son in law
Shri DD Kapoor and Ajit Singh Mr.Sk Batra, Granddaughter Sekha, Little Shnoyi, Shri DD kapoor and Ajit Singh Mr.Sk Batra, Shri DD kapoor, Granddaughter Sekha, Little Shnoyi and Mrs Kamlesh Batra



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